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Back To School, Back To Work, Get The Most Out Of Your Commute

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Don’t let a little thing like a change in the season stop you riding your bike. 

There is no denying it. Autumn is finally upon us. The kids are back at school, holidays are over and they have already sent out invites to the annual Christmas party. Summer is officially over.

But, on the flip side, even though mornings may be darker, the weather may be colder and the rain may be a little more regular, there are still lots of reasons to love cycling in autumn!

Cheat your way to work on a Brompton, so that you can get the most out of your daily life when it comes to your never ending to do list. 

Here's why a Brompton Electric is the best mode of transport:

Best Mode of Transport For a Quick Commute

Autumn is all about finding cosy pubs for after work drinks, taking in the city lights after sunset and, thanks to our friends across the pond, everything pumpkin (whether you like it or not - sorry all of you anti-pumpkin spice latte readers), or just generally for sleeping in as long as possible.

It’s not about spending hours on an overcrowded, cold and bulky winter coat filled tube. 

By riding your bike, any delays, cancellations or work being carried out on train lines won’t ruin your day. 

And another bonus, cycling at this time of year not only saves you money; it also means that you’re much less likely to be exposed to omnipresent colds and sniffly noses that seem to fill up train carriages and buses at this time of year.

Instead, your commute will remain the same, healthy, stress-free route each day, allowing you to enjoy more of your precious free time. 

Commuters are cutting time down on their commute all over the world, and not just in London.  Check out one Brompton lover’s unique commute in New York:


Best Mode of Transport for Your Happiness

Have you heard of the winter blues? Of course you have, because it’s a real thing. The shorter days, colder temperatures and lack of sunlight are enough to make anyone blue. 

Cycling offers a good range of benefits to combat this. According to the NHS website, exercise is a great way of keeping your mind in top condition, as well as your body.

Lower light levels are thought to be one of the contributory factors to developing seasonal affective disorder (or SAD for short), so going for a ride outside during the day will boost your exposure to daylight.

The additional exercise will stimulate your endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, all three acting as the key to maintaining natural happiness levels. Team this with the fact that air quality is far better on the street than in the underground and you’re in for a win.  

And now for some not so obvious reasons:


  • Consistent riding will make it easier in the winter.
  • You’ll stay stronger and healthier - according to a study on cold-exposed and cold adapted humans, the immune system shows an increase in immune system activity when exposed to repeated cold treatments. 
  • It’s a good excuse for new riding gear. It might be rainy and chilly, but with the right gear, you’ll be able to fend off the elements and get a smug sense of satisfaction. Let’s not forget how good that hot post-ride shower feels either.

Best Mode of Transport For Safety

With so many horror stories flying around, road safety can be one of the most off-putting aspects of cycling in London. But, in the past few years, 140km of new cycling infrastructure has been constructed in London to make cycling safer and more accessible for new cyclists. 

And if you’re concerned about other safety aspects, it’s worth considering that the level of surveillance on the tube stations expands to the wider city, with cameras and police on most streets. 

In general, cycling has become much safer, but there’s still a worry about road use. This is where the Brompton Electric comes in. Our Electric model boasts a bonus extra of being able to keep up with other road traffic, the motor helping cyclists keep up with the higher speeds and reducing the conflict between other road users. 

It’s time to rescue your rush hour and choose Brompton Electric. Ready to order? Build your own or choose a stock bike.


brompton electric